Sunday, 20 June 2010

quick camping...

an overnight camping trip this weekend for father's day and to meet up with a group of friends, and a chance to discover a new campsite, at Abbey Home Farm, Cirencester. A lovely site, a very basic field on an organic farm, one side with gorgeous views but very windy, the other side protected behind a hedge. Two water taps, a bucket shower and a compost loo with treetop views are the only facilities on site, but you are a short woodland walk away from an organic farm shop and cafe, which is nice but quite pricey, but we took daddy for a fathers day Sunday lunch as a treat.

I'm not much of a fan of just camping for one night, but the Mr. wanted to watch the football on Friday night, so we packed and unpacked the car in 24 hours! It was worth it, despite the challenges of getting 13 three to seven year olds into bed and a very cold night with number two son, waking up loads due a bad cough! And the bad 1am decision by me to say "get in my sleeping bag" to stop him from being upset and then spending the rest of the night squashed like a sardine (try it - a single sleeping bag and a wriggly four year old) he did warm me up mind you. Now, we just need to catch up on our beauty sleep!

p.s. the picture is not our bell tent, we were sheltered from the wind behind the less picturesque hedge! This was someone else who bravely pitched into the wind and was rewarded with a field to themselves with wonderful views!

p.p.s. check out this new camping blog, you might know someone featured on there! 


  1. Just added that camping blog to my favs list.

    Sounds like a mixed weekend - great to be camping but being squashed by a 4 year old is less fun.

    Roll on 3 weeks time - my camping season really gets going :)

  2. My husband and I bought sleeping bags with opposite zippers so they can be zipped together into one big bag. Romantic when a young couple and very handy when the youngsters come along. So now it is usually mama and baby in the double bag and a sleeping bag each for big sister and papa. It's like having a hot water bottle that never gets cold.

  3. Hi Vicki ~ have fun on your camping adventures!

    Gillian, we have got a double sleeping bag, but I turned it into two singles, as it was soooo hot with the three of us in it! Mind you beats squeezing into a single - never want to do that again!

    Emma ;0)

  4. We took all our kids wandering through the streets of Cape town on Friday night and rambled through the bazillion people at the Fan Park around the stadium!!! Fun, noise, colors, vibrant, wonderful!!! Just a pity about the score!!!


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