Saturday, 12 June 2010

the morning after the night before...

a glimpse of my exhibition

My exhibition has been some what of a journey, it has taken a lot of energy and emotion to put 'me' on the walls. Last night it was as if I 'came out' as a photographer, with Prema giving me the opportunity to stand up and do this. In the end I chose to show a selection of work, from my favourite film prints of the flask, clouds and the caravan to some of the family commissions I have taken on, I wanted to show the variety of my work. Last night it also gave me the chance to stick two fingers up at the examiners who failed me at GCSE art back in 1990 (I got a 'D' for not having enough observation drawing!) and realise that I am now back on the path that I always should of been on, OK so its taken 20 years but I got here!

Last night I was surrounded by a group of wonderful friends, people that I love and who have given me some great advice and challenged me. Most of them are new friends, people I have met in the past few years and who I hope will remain in my life forever, I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, inspiration and belief in me...

Pete, Alfie and Ted, My mum, Gina, Jenny, Susannah, Abby & Noah, Jo & Evie, Beth & Martin, Vicki & Dan, Marie, Kate, Barbara, Sarah, Sam & Mark, Christina & Kevin, Rachel & Nick, Juliet & Dan, Anne, Leonie, Penny, Sas, Megg, Lisa.

and finally I want to thank YOU, yes you reading this, every click on this blog, every comment you make and every time you 'favourite' a picture on flickr, it gives me the confidence I need to walk this path and to carry on blogging about it!

I think I am a little emotional today, I'll blame it on the tiredness!


  1. So pleased you had a wonderful evening and well done you for proving those examiners wrong.


  2. Hurrah! Well done you, from another thwarted artist (I had to drop out of A Level art as the teacher thought I was too 'pedestrian') I salute you.

    You photos are absolutely dreamy, you deserve the recognition you're now getting.

  3. Many congratulations Emma I hope you had a truly fantastic night. I was thrilled to be invited but chickened out of coming on my own! I so wish I had come. I will be in touch to organise the photography seesion with my girls because I definately want some pictures showing the summer, and them being completely carefree.
    Good luck and best wishes
    Andrea Hannis

  4. the exhibition was amazing - YOU are amazing!! xo

  5. SO glad it went well! You deserve every bit of goodness. You are a fabulous photographer, and I think it'll just be the first of many.

    LOVE you!

  6. Well done, well deserved, I LOVE your photos.

  7. so proud to be your friend.
    this is the beginning of great things.

  8. Congratulations!!! What an amazing opportunity to show your beautiful work. How exciting!

  9. Hurrah for you. What a great achievement. Hope there was some lovely champagne to celebrate the occasion with.

  10. wOoP!
    so glad it went well:
    you've opened the door:
    here's to new horizons and opportunity:

  11. it is a delight to be in your universe of stars. so happy it went well for you Emma, you deserve every bit of recognition and praise.

    you inspire me

  12. WOO HOO emma! congrats on a fabulous night.
    yay for not being in the closet anymore.
    shine on you crazy diamond :)

  13. So glad it went well and sorry I couldn't make it. Looking forward to Sept and busy blanket making! You deserve all the success in the world, your talents are now there for all to see (including in the latest Sainsburys mag!)
    Julia xx

  14. so proud of you emma. you make me want to be more brave, which is the point of this tribe we landed in, eh? love you from over here and sending a big proud hug to you over there. xx


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