Saturday, 5 June 2010

going batty...

For our little man's seventh birthday in a months time, oh my will he be seven already? We have bought him a bat detector, nothing very fancy, but good enough to pick up the ultrasonic clicks that bats make as they echo locate to navigate their flight. It has a simple dial on it, which you turn to detect which frequency that the bat is clicking at, and this helps you to identify what species it is. There is also a really good Field Studies id chart, that as well as giving you the frequencies for the different species, also shows the different flight paths too.

It will be a real treat to stay up late and have twilight walks together, taking a flask of hot chocolate and our detector together and being real nature detectives!


  1. How funny to read this today. We were at my godparents last night for a meal and he has the same detectore. It was the first time I have ever seen one and it was greta to sit and watch and listen to the bats. My little girl thought it was briliant. Hope you all have fun with it. Great idea for a present.
    Lou xx


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