Saturday, 26 June 2010

everything in the garden's rosy...

Oh how I love the summer, I turn my now freckled nose towards the sun, like a sunflower that turns her golden head. I spend the warm evenings watering the fast growing plants, and trying to deter little beasties from eating them! I push in hazel sticks to support the peas and beans as they quickly climb and push empty sea and snail shell on their ends to stop children from gouging out their eyes! Today we have swept out the treehouse so that we can have afternoon tea on an upturned crate and sit on cushions, just like the secret seven do in the stories we are reading at bedtime!


  1. What a fantastic idea to put shells on the top of bean poles.

  2. Oh, a swept out treehouse sounds like bliss.

  3. hello! lovely table!


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