Thursday, 10 June 2010

campfire cooking...

Life on a campsite revolves around food, what to eat, when to eat, where to buy it and who is cooking! I guess with few conveniences and no fridge or freezer, you actually have to buy fresh and it is a good opportunity to buy local too! We take little food with us, to save space and also after reading a few years ago that 95% of people that stay in self catering accommodation, take their own food with them and therefore don't support the local economy!

We almost always start the day with a cooked breakfast "to set us up for the day!", a light lunch and snacks, then cooked evening meal, of something like fish or lamb kebabs. Last week we also tried the cheese fondue, recommended on a previous post, thanks sanne it was amazing! Cooking on a real fire is quite an art, but so rewarding, so few campsites have real fires.

P.s. Do let me know if you know of any campsites allowing real fires, we stayed at Cloud Farm Campsite in Devon last year, but don't know of any others?


  1. This campsite in Dorset allows campfires, I was planning on gong last year but 'life' got in the way. It looks lovely with a little shop selling organic produce and views of the sea.

  2. We went to Steeple Leaze Farm in Dorset last week, where they allow fires and you can walk to Kimmeridge bay where Dorset Wildlife Trust have a marine reserve and some super rockpooling oppotunities. You can even visit the allotments at Langton Matravers too as they are only a few miles away! £5 per person per night , half price for children.

  3. See, I come over all panicking if I the weather comes in bad and I have to cook on gas. I am useless at cooking on gas. I need space to spread out and a fire, with T or L shape, giving me space to scrape coals and cook over a low heat and a spot for the fuel to burn, a high heat, is my way of camp cooking. I can teach cooking on a fire too - useless at teaching it on gas.


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