Wednesday, 9 June 2010

baths in buckets...

When the little man refuses to shower, there is nothing else for it, he goes in the bucket! One of the most important things about camping is keeping clean, both yourself and the camp. I take a trug like the one above for bathing in, it also doubles as a washing up bowl. I also take some antibacterial hand gel, a dustpan and brush to sweep out the tent and doormat for wiping muddy shoes as people go in and out. Do you have any camping essentials?


  1. ~brilliant idea...and looks like fun for a little one! our camping essentials are dr. bronners peppermint soap (bugs don't like it), a camara, burts bees baby powder (sprinkle a little on sandy feet and it comes right off!) and my list could go on and on...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. The doormat is a great idea. I always remember the dustpan and brush but would need to use them a lot less if there was a mat. I used to bring a hot water bottle for cool nights. I heat up the water over the last of the fire and then warm up my sleeping bag a bit before getting in. Of course, now I have two children that do the same work even if they are a bit wiggly.

  3. we have an old piece of carpet gifted to us by one of my aunties that we place outside our tent door. it's very retro and reminds me of my family whenever we pull it out.

    and we couldn't live without a stovetop espresso machine!


  4. I've turned into a bit of a girl and started taking a hot water bottle that I heat with water from the copper / boiler.


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