Tuesday, 4 May 2010

gardening with children...

I was delighted to be asked by Shari Altman, gardening editor, over at Cafemom, to be interviewed about how I garden with my children and take a few photo's. I jumped at the opportunity and you can read the full interview here, just published today. Cafemom is an online community where millions of mum's meet each day to talk, share advice and make new friends.

We have spent most of the weekend in the garden, in between showers, planting most of our vegetable plants and seeds, and weaving some willow supports for the peas to grow up. To celebrate the cafemom interview, we had a trip out to look at chickens and visit a garden centre, to buy some flowers to mix in the borders with the veg - so I am going to plant sweet williams and poppies in with the boys carrots, some blue geraniums and verbena has been dotted in between the potato plants and I indulged myself by buying a crown of rhubarb for £3.99! Now comes the challenge of keeping footballs away from everything!


  1. I love sweet williams. I think they are one of my favourite flowers. I was reading an article the other day that said that marigolds (french or african not pot) were good as companion planting for carrots because they stopped carrot root fly. Something to do with the smell. I haven't tested this myself because I am just pleased if I get the carrots sown.

  2. wOoP! what a lovely post:
    I love rhubarb!
    cut it into 2inch pieces and lay in a roasting tray:
    spritz with the juice of a lemon:
    sprinkle a generous few spoons of caster sugar:
    cover with foil and roast until soft:
    drain off the juice, put in a pan and reduce to a syrup:
    eat with whipped cream with fresh vanilla seeds and a splash of rosewater: or proper vanilla icecreeeeeeam!
    *the syrup is yummy in the bottom of a glass and topped with
    prosecco or cava*

  3. Emma, what a smashing interview and the photos are gorgeous. Lovely kids, lovely garden, lovely mom!


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