Sunday, 23 May 2010

for the love of film...

have i told you lately how much I love film? the light, the texture, the joy of not knowing how the pictures turn out until you pick up the packet from the developers! My old lomo is so used, it now has a small crack! I hope a little super glue will hold it together, or I will need to get it refurbished or heaven forbid seek a new one! This picture above was taken a few weeks ago, just as the cow parsley was beginning to flower, I love cow parsley, the roadside verges near me are just bursting with it at the moment. This week I am going to find a field full of it to photograph!


  1. I love cow parsley too. I picked some and some buttercups and put them in a vase.

  2. Gorgeous! We've kept a corner of our back garden wild and the cow parsley is taller than me! I love it.


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