Friday, 28 May 2010

chick knit...

Loving this knitted chick egg cosy, it features in Sophie Dahl's book Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights. I want to knit one, but I'm not good knitting freestyle without a pattern - has anyone seen one like this? I have done a web search but can't find anything similar.


  1. I love Sophie Dahl's cookbook. I have made the banana bread too many times to count! The egg cosy is gorgeous - I also took a liking to it, but do not knit. :( Anyway, a cute pattern I know of for a knitted egg cosy is on the Little Cotton Rabbits blog
    I saw these chicken ones, but they are a little different to what you are after

  2. This is crochet I think, my grandmother would do them until the cows come home. I have googled "crocheted chicken egg cosy" and have come across quite a few patterns, however, not quite the same as the above. Hope this helps.

  3. Oh crochet of course - my achilles heal! ah well will just have to try and knit something similar ;0)

  4. Can't knit I'm afraid, but I'll have look for crochet patterns and see what I can come up with
    Julia xx

  5. have a look on


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