Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Picture Picnic Workshop

I'm so excited, I'm leading a workshop on the 3rd July at Prema Arts Centre, Uley, Gloucestershire. It's called Picture Picnic and I will be showing families how to take beautiful pictures with their own camera, using props and dressing up, to entertain and distract their children, while they click away! The day will be fun, relaxed and informal and participants should leave with beautiful pictures and hopefully lots of tips and inspiration. For more information visit my photography website or download the gorgeous Prema brochure (yes I made the front cover!). Right, having neglected to make tea for the family, I'm off to skip excitedly around the kitchen!


  1. Well done :)

    If I was closer I'd be tempted to sign up - I love you style of photography.

  2. You'll be brilliant! How exciting!

  3. I CAN TOTALLY PICTURE YOU SKIPPING AROUND THE KITCHEN, smiling your beautiful smile :)

    i'm so excited for you!

  4. great news - congratulations. I bet it will be wonderful. I'd love to come, but it's just a bit to far for me.

  5. this is a brilliant workshop. wish i lived nearby. xo


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