Friday, 16 April 2010

I believe...

I believe in roaring fires
I believe in hot water bottles with knitted covers
I believe in comfortable beds
I believe that Welsh cottages should have Welsh blankets
I believe in holidays and exploring new places
I believe in local pubs that sell locally brewed beer
I believe that sunny days were made for playing in sand dunes
I believe all holiday cottages should be as beautifully restored as this one
I believe in cooked breakfasts
I believe that domino's is one of the best games ever!
I believe that a posy of flowers hand-picked and given as a gift by a four year is to be treasured
I believe in eating fish and chips by the sea
I believe in holiday's with no TV or computer for distraction
I believe that sat navs will never replace an ordnance survey map
I believe that childhood friendships are remembered forever
& I believe that coming home from a great holiday, is very sad indeed!


  1. Oh yes, I believe in those things too!
    And though the memory of your holiday may be too raw at the moment, I believe that coming home from a holiday is such a special experience helping us to see and appreciate home all over again :-)
    Happy days to you!
    Denise x

    PS: my word verification is ACRES - now that's what I call synchronicity!

  2. I believe in local pubs that sell local beer, too :)

    sounds like a lovely holiday. I happened here by clicking through some other blogs.

  3. beautiful:
    welcome home sweet home:
    I believe in sharing:
    I believe in chocolate:

  4. What a beautiful post.

    I believe in those things, too. x

  5. I believe in eating chips by sitting on the beach in the pouring rain. I did that once in Cornwall (Or was it Devon? I can't remember!) It was so wet...oh, but those chips tasted soooo good!
    I love your blog Emma!
    Rosaleen ♥


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