Saturday, 27 March 2010

how does your garden grow...

A day of sunshine and showers gave us just enough time to dart outside, and plant our main potato crop - which for the past few weeks, have been happily chitting on the kitchen windowsill. We traditionally plant our potatoes just before Easter each year.

The annual potato planting ritual also marks the emptying of our compost bins and the removal from the bottom of fresh, new, sweet smelling compost. It is important to regularly turn to prevent rats from choosing to nest, and to really encourage compost breakdown. We compost all of the household food scraps, hoover bags and a selection of garden cuttings and in turn for our regular feeding of them, we are rewarded with a rich compost to spread and nourish our raised beds. The boys and I have also planted some peas, shallots and pumpkins, in small seed pots on the windowsill, so they will be ready to be planted outside next month, when the ground is a little warmer. In April we will sow our favourite courgette, tomato and carrot seeds, straight into the ground or in pots.


  1. Ah, sounds glorious. My compost is doing very well at the moment. I turned it a few weeks back and its due for another go - the Easter break, I think.
    Planning my autumn plantings at the moment. Will be nice to see how your spring plantings go against my autumnal ones.

  2. how beautifully organised of you:
    my garden has been dreadlock rasta:
    the tree man has ousted nasty conifers so we can have
    a veg plot next summer hopefully:
    until then .... pots and hanging basket tomatoes and lettuce leaves:
    that is, after the snow the weatherman forecast for Easter!?


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