Saturday, 6 March 2010

old skool rules...

I've been naughty... again! I have bought myself a camera case. I have been on the lookout for a long time for a nice camera case, that is not a utilitarian black nylon backpack that seems to be de rigueur nowadays! When I saw this one {pictured} by grafea, my love of 'old skool' satchels could not be repressed and I just had to have it! The downside is that it isn't that big - it fits in my Nikon D90, lens and speedlight comfortably, and it isn't padded, so I may have to find a camera skin from somewhere. But it is easy to carry and looks great, and maybe in years to come, I will pass it down, worn and battered having been on so many adventures, to my children or grandchildren as something of an heirloom?


  1. My husband carry's his D90 in an old school satchel too. Cool as a fool in a pool x

  2. Love it, and the coat too. Very old school cool!

  3. what a beautiful thing! i love this!

  4. I love this so much I think I'd better stop talking about it. People may be watching. I can soo see it in three generations, much loved and full of stories of Great Grandma Emma, the photographer.

  5. My one weakness (Miss Lane) is beautiful, vintage looking leather bags. I hate designer bags, I want something that will look like I've thoroughly owned it in a few years but I can never find the perfect one. I think I just may have on that website!

    Bag LOVE! Yay! Thank you!

    Your bag looks like it was meant to be with that gorgeous coat.

  6. Perhaps the most gorgeous camera case I've seen. Lovely!

  7. how yum is that case?!
    malted bread+honey = doves farm organic malted grain flour *I bought it in Sainos* follow the packet instructions with 2 generous tablespoons of honey added to the warm water:
    but knead longer than suggested at first stage: makes a lighter loaf, great therapy and good for bingowings ^_*

  8. killing me. beyond perfect. dang.

    now i want one. (and the next time i come to visit, you are going to be my stylist).



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