Tuesday, 30 March 2010

natural egg dyeing...

After the success of last years Easter eggs, we have decided to once again use red cabbage to dye our eggs blue! Each year we bring in from the garden a few branches from our twisted hazel tree and put them in a jam jar on the table to hang the eggs from, you can see last years here.

We blow the eggs, by carefully tapping a hole in either end of the egg with a needle, then blowing the inside into a bowl, through one of the holes. The inside can then be used for baking or just scrambled eggs! We then chopped up the cabbage into small pieces and boiled it in water until the water turned a dark purple. After, we carefully wipe the eggs with some vinegar and place the blown eggs into a kilner jar with the water from the boiled cabbage, closing the top keeps them submerged and stop them floating to the surface. We keep them in the jar for a few days until they turn a beautiful shade of deep blue.


  1. Emma, I am going to attempt this. I bought some other food groups to experiment with and pulled out my Eco Colour (botanical dyes for beautiful textiles) book for some added inspiration.

    thanks you.

  2. I just found your blog somehow...? and I must say I have really enjoyed reading through it. I went to England this time last year and my most favourite part was the Cotswolds. I truly fell in love.

  3. You've convinced me - I'm going to have to get a twisted hazel, if nothing else just for this purpose. Picture on Flickr is fabulous and I think I have the same chair as you (in the background of the picture). Church chair.


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