Saturday, 13 March 2010



noun 1 a female parent. 2 (Mother) (especially as a title or form of address) the head of a female religious community.3 informal an extreme or very large example of: the mother of all traffic jams.

verb look after kindly and protectively, sometimes excessively so.

— DERIVATIVES motherhood noun motherless adjective.

— ORIGIN Old English.

Motherhood didn't come naturally at all to me. First there was the extreme morning sickness in pregnancy to get over [I lost over three stone in weight!] and when my first son was born the self consciousness. I felt people were watching me, of course they weren't, they were more interested in the baby, but I felt awkward and unsure of myself in this new role. As a new little family we muddled through, with me learning so much as I went along. When number two arrived, I knew what to expect, I looked forward to his arrival without the nervousness of a first time mum, and with a two year old already, I was able to relax and enjoy my children.

I have been a mum for seven and a half years and rarely a week passes when I am not challenged in some way by my boys. I try to be calm, understanding, good fun, wise, thoughtful, able to listen, full of ideas and energy and be there when I am needed. I however, accept that sometimes I am not all of those things!

Above all, motherhood has changed me beyond all recognition, it has made me face issues that needed resolving from from my childhood, it has made me less selfish and a little more brave, it has made me understand people's behaviour, it has taught me to be kind and to reason, it has taught me how to belly laugh and to be less of a prude. It has made me understand my place in the world and has given me something that I'm quite good at.

I didn't think twice about having children, and sometimes I take it for granted that I have been blessed with two happy and healthy ones. So tomorrow, on mothering sunday, I will pretend to be asleep, whilst pots and pans clatter around downstairs in the kitchen, and two highly excited children race upstairs to be the first to wake me up and press handmade cards into my hands, it is truly my favourite day of the year!


  1. This is a gorgeous post and rings true in some way or another for all mothers I am sure. Thanks for being so frank and honest about Motherhood. I didn't know about Mothering Sunday, must be a different day in the UK, so Happy Mother' Day there and enjoy your day with the little ones. xo m.

  2. You blog told me 'I might also like' this. I did. It echoes my experiences in lots of ways. Thankyou!


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