Monday, 1 March 2010



  1. me and my baby heard the woodpeckers today on our walk in the sunshine...what an uplifting welcome march has brought so far! love your march list : )

  2. Oh this is super! Spring has sprung kind of early here (Suffolk. We played Poohsticks on Saturday, spotted catkins on the walk AND heard a woodpecker (and saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden, although a regular visitor so hardly anything to preen about). And yesterday we raced a hare down the lane.

    Bluebells are work in progress...

    Columbia Rd market is out for us. We lived around the corner from there for many years. One of the few things about London that I miss (we moved last year).

    Happy March to you! I'm new to your blog, totally addicted already...

    Spud x

  3. That is cute. I try to go for more walks too, work on trying to find a better focus for my work days and challenge myself in a way that I haven't done yet but have really wanted to achieve for a while. Just some little goals, nothing too major or life changing. Mostly just trying to remember the importance of everyday and those little things that happen during them. Happy March!


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