Thursday, 11 March 2010

life all mapped out...

Some people have their whole lives mapped out, I wonder does this focus and help them achieve their ambitions? I learn of friends who have year plans, five year plans and even life plans and find myself wondering if we need one? The best things in my life have kind of just 'happened' and were certainly not planned, we met and married within a year, a new house came exactly a year after, as we were in the right place at the right time and then a year later along came a baby! We had certainly not discussed in great detail any of these life changing elements, it just felt right at the time, we went along with the flow and have done ever since, for me 'it was meant to be'.

It's only now, after the dust has settled and there are decisions to be made, I realise how bad we are at making them! We are very fortunate, we live in a house that suits our families needs, it's not an old cottage with a huge garden like in our dreams, but we just about manage the monthly mortgage repayments! But do we want more? And who will admit it, and will it rock the boat of our comfortable lives?


  1. I think I recognise the background in that photo. Is it at Pont Esgob? We stayed there only last weekend, and absolutely loved it. Would like to map out my life and move in there!

  2. you are not alone sweet girl:
    my life has been shaped on the wing:
    the realist in me doesn't think too far ahead:
    that way I'm flexible and never disappointed:

  3. Well spotted Liz - it is pont esgob -we stayed there last easter, so beautiful, we would love to move in there! Thank you for leaving a comment, so lovly to hear from other Under the Thatch fans!

    Hi Chocolategirl, glad to know other people are on autopilot, like me! It's funny but sometimes I wonder how I got here! Love hearing from you, as always,

    Emma x

  4. Planning too much can lead to disappointment. Go with what is right for you - we always have and have always (in general) been happy. Come and live in Denmark - people here are the happiest in the world - some think this is due lack of aspirations and low expectations but I think it is contentment with the here and now and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. x

  5. I'm a planner. Always have been. Does it lead to dissapointment? All the time! Would I have it any other way? no! Nice post.


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