Sunday, 28 March 2010

how to make a handmade hobby horse...

You will need:
  • 1 stick - we used a hazel stick coppiced from a local woodland
  • 1 sock - stolen from daddy's drawer!
  • sheeps wool/fleece for stuffing
  • wool for the mane
  • buttons for the eyes
  • and stiff material for the ears
  • a wool needle

We stuffed our sock with an organic sheep's fleece, into a horse's head shape, I was surprised by quite how much it took to make it firm. Thread a wool needle with some wool and thread it through the sock to make a mane and then knotting it to secure it in place. I did three rows to make a thick and bushy mane, using two different colours. Sew the ears into place, with needle and thread and attach the button eyes, I used two different colours to give it more of a 'handmade' look! Then take your stick and cut to size, I notched the wood into a cross, to create some handles, then tightly lashed the cross firmly together with wool, finally attaching the 'sock' head in place by sewing around the bottom of the sock and lashing around the cross.

I am so enchanted with this one, that I'm off to my husband's sock drawer to find a sock to make another! (shhhh)


  1. well, you're obviously feeling better which is very good to see! you are so creative emma, this looks amazing!


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