Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I have been unwell with a nasty virus this weekend. In fact I missed the weekend altogether, I believe it passed whilst I was endlessly vomiting! Anyway, I'm sure you wish to be spared all the details and I am feeling much better, apart from very tired and lethargic. Sunlight was streaming through the windows yesterday, and the fact that I hadn't eaten for three days and was feeling quite miserable, made me want to cleanse myself thoroughly to get rid of any horrible germs that may be lingering.

I started with a facial cleansing routine with some lovely Dr.Hauschka products I was given for Christmas and was saving 'for best' {I do covet things}. Firstly a facial steam, followed by a cleansing clay mask and relaxing weleda lavender bath {tip - this is great on children's face cloths for wiping mouths and fingers after dinner}, then finally some rose day cream, my new favourite beauty product!

Now after my ritual to cleanse me, I better tackle the house, it looks like a bomb has hit it after just two days off! As hard as they try, my boys just aren't bothered by mess and muddle as I am!


  1. sorry to hear you've been unwell Emma:
    a little pampering is made all the more when it's deserved don't you think?
    take it easy sweet thing:
    the mess can wait ~ enjoy the sun while you can:


  2. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I love the Dr. Hauschka products and although I use the rose cream and the hand cream I haven't tried any of the other facial products. enjoy your pampering.

  3. I use the rose day cream too and have been ooveting the facial steam. Feel better soon.


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