Wednesday, 3 February 2010

sleeping angel...

see this sleeping angel? Not at 10pm last night he wasn't when he woke, then again at 10.30pm when he woke again. At midnight he was in our bed, half an hour later he was sick in our bed, at 1am he was back in his bed, I had changed our sheets and put them in the washing machine. Then, a few minutes later, he was sick in his bed and all over the bathroom floor as Pete attempted the 'carrying a child whilst being sick' maneuver {not for amateurs ~ yuck!}. I then changed his sheets and put him back in our bed, and finally, rescued Jasper the rhino who wasn't impressed having been covered in vomit! He was hot, fevery and unsettled until about 3am, when he finally went to sleep! We all woke at 6am.

If you are not a parent, I apologise for this post, really having children is full of sunny days, roses and rainbows! If you are a parent, you will sympathise and be nodding along with me, remembering nights that last forever, sick children, bodily functions that don't even cause you to raise your eyebrows anymore and the tiredness that five nights of broken sleep can bring.

Sometimes arriving at work for 9am fully dressed is the greatest achievement of your life! Wondering whether you stink of bile during your appraisal is maybe the flipside.


  1. Poor Little T :( And poor you! I hope he's better soon. Hey if we're both up at 3am tonight - let's chat! We can invent some new swear words for Susannah.x

  2. oh honey i don't know how you do it.
    i'm completely toast after a few days of bronchitis.


  3. Hope you all are blessed with rest and peace.

    Poor Rhino too!

  4. Oh you poor thing, that is the worst! I remember one night alternately holding both of my two-year-olds over the toilet and thinking (without irony), "This is the greatest night of my life!" because, after the first episode, they both managed to make it to the toilet every time (which meant I only had to change sheets twice!)

  5. crying in appraisals is not unheard of round here - so please be good to yourself. Rachel xx

  6. gosh - those are the nights when I feel like we really should have a dozen sets of sheets and a closet full of thick towels. around here you always know that spring is around the corner when the pukey-bug comes to town. best of luck for a good night of sleep!

  7. OH, we're going through that right now too. Hope he is better soon.

  8. hope your little fairhaired beauty is better soon:
    those days seem like an age ago when they get to teens:
    but we all need Mama's cuddles ~ no matter how old we are:

  9. aww sweetie i hope you are feeling fine now and that mama and papa get some rest too.


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