Sunday, 7 February 2010

new crate shelves...

With a few busy weekends ahead, the boys and I took ourselves out for the day, on a jaunt to Baileys Home & Garden, Ross-On-Wye. They like me, are quite happy to 'while away' a gloomy day in a cafe as long as they can be bribed with cake and warm milk. Whilst they entertain themselves in the children's corner, I managed to potter around the shop and pick up these three crates in the sale. I am planning to use them for kitchen shelves, with maybe some glassware in or some recipe books as more of a focal point.

I would like the crates to replace a perfectly fine shelf, much to my husbands despair "why do you want to replace a perfectly good shelf", he asks knowing exactly what the answer will be! ~ "because they will look much better!" I reply breezily!


  1. Those are lovely shelves. I only ever find boring shelves and my skills aren't so good and they tend to fall down anyway. But those look perfect.

  2. I managed to cadge a couple of really nice crates from my local garden centre and am aiming to see if I can cadge some more.
    I went to Baileys Home and Garden last year when we happened to be in the area - strangely a day or so after I'd read about it on your blog. I loved it.
    I have the same weighing scales as you, cadged from my local tip some years ago. I adore them and they're just so practical.

  3. how lucky you are to live near baileys
    - i went last year and loved it - hope to get there again this year on our way to wonderwool
    love your blog - i'm always popping in x


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