Tuesday, 16 February 2010

February is full of food...

is it the cold weather that makes me hungry? All I'm doing at the moment is blogging about food! Today, being Shrove Tuesday, it's traditional to make pancakes, in fact some even have pancake races, where crazy people wear an apron and run through the streets tossing their pancakes as they go! This year my little chefs, made their pancakes all by themselves, the eldest reading the recipe {a good tip for little ones learning to read} and I allowed them to break the eggs into the bowl themselves, oh the responsibility of it all! It also marks the start of lent, a time where people give things up until Easter, which I never do, maybe I should?


  1. giving up stuff is over rated. thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it.

  2. & so say all of us:
    if I want to give up something ~ I do, whatever the time:
    good to see traditional lemon and sugar as topping preference:
    I love a drizzle of maple syrup:
    *I spy Avery scales ~ we used to have some of those*

  3. Thats funny I was thinking about giving something up this year as I never do - but we are more than half way through the day and I haven't given anything up yet - so I guess it may not happen again! :D


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