Monday, 1 February 2010

blue monday...

The little man is poorly today with a horrible ear infection. Pete made me a chicken sandwich before he left for work this morning, if he hadn't I wouldn't of eaten today as the poorly one hasn't let me out of his sight all morning! I am wolfing it down now while he sleeps and after two nights with little sleep I am thinking about taking a nap myself! I just wish I could stop worrying about not being at work today.

p.s. the theme for the 'words to shoot by' collaboration was blue, check it out Steph has just posted.


  1. You are at work, No 1 Job - Mummy x

  2. Nothing worse than a little one who is ill. Hope he feels better soon - my 2 used to get loads of ear infections when they were small - was so glad when they grew out of them.

  3. Evie's under the weather too. Luckily she's okay to have gone to nursery and I'm at work but I haven't slept since Thursday as she's worse at night.

    Don't worry about work. Nothing will have changed there when you get back but your boy will have had a lot of loving in the meantime.

    I hope he's better soon. xx

  4. Hope he feels better, and you get some sleep soon!

  5. lovely picture. sorry to hear the little one is sick. Hope it doesnt last long

  6. oh my little boy had an ear infection last week as well. He's younger than yours (a bit under two) but at any age it's so sad to see. And so exhausting for the mama - I walked the floors bare with holding him so now I have strong arms at least. for the future, I have found garlic gently cooked in olive oil, cooled to warm and dropped in the ear a few times a day works quite well.


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