Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A tipi adventure...

I am delighted that some of my pictures are now dotted throughout the gorgeous Cornish Tipi Holidays website ~ check it out! I must admit I regularly pop back to this website to listen to the birdsong and remember the good time we had whilst staying there last summer. If you are thinking about your summer holidays I would recommend a trip here, especially if you have children or want a romantic trip away.

Let me warn you though, this is real camping and there are people whose idea of living in a tipi for a week is probably a little rose tinted! For those who don't mind a spot of dirt, and relish the thought of chopping wood and lighting a real fire then this is for you. There is no electricity on site, so your fridge is a cool box, the wind is your hairdryer and the toilet is a short walk away. It is in short, an adventure. Our boys aged 3 and 5 at the time, absolutely loved it, catching fish in the lake, rowing the boats, having the freedom to run and climb trees, chopping wood, this is childhood as it's meant to be!

What I loved best was having nothing to do, no distractions, no mobile reception, I don't think I have really been 'away from it all' for years, possibly never! I started to tune into the abundant wildlife around the site, the toad in the toilet and the dawn chorus at 4am!

If you would like to find out more then visit the Cornish Tipi Holidays website and if you book tell them Emma Bradshaw sent you!

We'll see you there...!


  1. emma your photos and travel stories always make me want to pack my bags, throw caution to the wind and sniff out a new adventure.

  2. alrighty then, i'll book a trip.
    ps. you are amazing.

  3. Hi Emma, just found this lovely blog post - hope you are having a good summer - we miss you x

    Cornish Tipi Holidays


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