Tuesday, 5 January 2010

thinking of our feathered friends...

It has been snowing here all day, the school closed just after lunch and the Police advised people to go home early due to the treacherous roads. We stayed inside this afternoon making chains of monkey nuts to hang in the garden for our feathered friends, who struggle to find food and water in this weather.


  1. lucky birdies :
    we are awaiting the deluge as per weather reports :
    hoping it doesn't run out by the time the snow clouds hit us at the end of the Thames!
    love those little 'penny' hands ~ I still draw on mine from time to time ^_*

  2. I worry about the birds too - I went out yesterday and put a plate of chopped apples, nuts and seeds on the old broken seat near the bird feeders as the blackbirds like to feed on the ground. Woke up to a foot of snow this morning and tromped down the garden to brush the snow off so they could get to it.

  3. Ooh great reminder. We have a huge bag of Monkey Nuts left over from Christmas.

  4. We've been leaving food out for the birds regularly since this cold snap started too - I've been amazed at how quickly we've attracted lots of birds to our garden - we are all three fascinated to watch them come, and feel such a warm glow of pleasure that we are helping them through these difficult climes


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