Wednesday, 27 January 2010

sharing some secret thoughts with you...

aren't these images absolutely delightful? I found them here on a great blog, called 'and her head popped off' and are of artist Nina Schmidt. My friend Jo, of 'wag, bark, love' discovered the blog today.

I have been thinking for the past two years about having baby number three, and as my youngest gets older, I yearn for another baby and want to be at home more for the boys. It's funny though, the time never seems right and as my youngest gets nearer to four, I realise that my motives are wrong. I love my boys, they are great fun to be around and I wish I could be a 'stay at home' mum and spend more time with them. My husband, bless him, just wants a good nights sleep! But he loves his boys and even he is starting to say "I miss it when..." again.

I love being a mother and I don't think I'm too bad at it, which is why when life gets hard, work is difficult, or I feel unhappy, I desire to stay at home and have a brood of children running around my ankles! ~ I do have quite a romantic idea of these things. But right now, and as hard as it is to admit, these are the wrong reasons for us to bring another child into the world. It's even harder to admit as much as I love being a 'mum' I like just being me too and it seems that having the energy to be a wife, friend, housewife, marketer, photographer and to have moments to myself is just as important in the balance of things.


  1. brave & honest post Emma:
    after spending the weekend looking after my friends 3 children ~ it had me thinking like you:
    wish I'd had another child but nature didn't play:
    I have one daughter and she's a teen:
    *I did have a step daughter first*
    now being a single parent restricts my time for being me, but I cherish it all the same:
    the amazing thing about being a Mama is how you DO manage to fit everything in:
    when you think you can't love another human being any more than the ones you have ....

  2. First of all, yes, those images are really inspiring. Beautiful. Wonderful.

    But, secondly, and more importantly, so are you. I admire you so much...I read your blog quietly in the background, but I admire you loudly in my heart.

  3. We have five children and my youngest is now four, and i am like you feeling that pull to add another litte one to the brood. We are not well off but we have a very happy life and i love being a mom.I will be fourty two in the Summer so for me its now or never although hopeful at some point i will get the joy of lots of Grandchildren

  4. what a powerful post my friend!

    You are so brave and honest - I just want to squeeze you. I loved those pictures too and they made me wonder about kids and how to juggle them with the life I want to live. You are wise and strong and a great mum - you'll know what the next step is!

    I love you.

  5. The relationship you have with your boys is pure joy - I've seen it and felt it and yes, recognised it from time spent with my girl :)

    Whatever you decide, you're doing an amazing job and I just know there's more to come for you - one way or another.

  6. you make me wanna breed xxx

  7. i'm so glad you shared this and i'm even gladder (is that a word??) that i have you in my life.

    you are kind, brave, honest, inspirational, a GREAT mum and role model and an amazing friend.

  8. Hi, Emma! Thanks for the link! I've just now noticed it.

    Regarding that darned must-have-more-babies-urge (there's a name for that, isn't there?): the time is NEVER right. And it doesn't go away, that desire. At least it hasn't for me, even after the (surprise!) fourth. So I have absolutely no advice whatsoever.

    anyway, looking forward to exploring here. :)


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