Sunday, 17 January 2010

the retreat...

cottage by Susannah

Alfie: Why do girls cuddle?

Me: Because thats what you do when you really like someone.

Alfie: oh

Me: Did you want a cuddle too?

Alfie: no, boys don't cuddle

Ted: I liked the one with long hair

Me: Which one sweetie?

Ted: all of them

conversation in the car with my boys a few hours ago, after they picked me up from the 'retreat' with Susannah, Sas, Megg, Leonie, Penny, Jo and Lisa. They like my friends too!


  1. next time those beautiful boys are going in my suitcase and coming to live with me!

    Love you xox

  2. missing you already... can't wait to see you again (soon)!!

  3. just adorable and gorgeous...
    just like their mum

  4. you are nothing short of a treasure (that i am so glad to have found).

    xoxo lisa


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