Sunday, 10 January 2010

is soup just for winter?

I only eat soup in the winter it seems. Today hot spiced parsnip and butternut squash, although I got a bit too excited with the turmeric for Ted's three year old palette! It is snowing outside again and playgroup have just called to say they are shut until further notice due to burst pipes! At least I have my new pair of Toast wrist warmers to keep me warm.


  1. we're huge soup fans. i have about four different flavours in the freezer right now, due to an oversupply of winter veg from our riverford man before christmas!

    can't wait to see you again friend, and swap some more stories over a warm bowl of soup


  2. We're having soup almost daily round here. I added too much tumeric to a batch the other day and toddler told me it was making her cough. She keeps saying she doesn't want coughing soup today.

  3. I've never been a big soup fan, but am really getting into it in this current weather. We had a couple of days of school shut here last week, but seem back to normal today, although I think more of the white stuff is forecast for tonight so we shall see what awaits us in the morning. I don't know who was more disappointed this morning that our extra holiday was over, C or me - I think we would both be happy with no more school!

  4. we ❤ soup!
    *and the colour of turmeric*


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