Tuesday, 19 January 2010

albion caff style...

my lovely friend Leonie discovered the Albion Caff a few months ago after a visit to the Columbia Road Flower Market. I was enchanted with the cutlery stored in Lyle's Golden Syrup tins on all the tables, so have copied this genius idea! It really works well for children to be able to reach and set the table and help clear away too, rather than in a high kitchen drawer.

I was also really fascinated to read on Kate's blog 'needled' the history of the lion and bee's logo ~ I had never even realised it was a decaying lion! Well you learn something everyday don't you? Even better Leonie has promised to take me to the flower market and Albion Caff!


  1. yeah babe, you just say when - i can't wait to take you there!

  2. genius! they look really great emma...i end up with quite a few of these {and treacle tins} and never thought of re-using them. they may just end up as pen holders in our house or i bet a wee spring bulb would look very pretty in one too.

    from the strong comes sweetness {re the lion}?

  3. I have them scattered all over the house with various things in, pens, beads, shiny bits of paper for cutting and sticking sessions. Also the Bon Maman jars look good for storing things in as well.

  4. Kelly - yes re: from the strong comes sweetness - I had never heard that before!

    Thimbleina - Yes I agree especially about the bon maman ones - I have used plenty of jars before for various things http://www.flickr.com/photos/emmabradshaw/2225813787/in/set-72157602487233264/ - although now I make my own jam I have a serious shortage of nice jars!

  5. gosh, I remember learning about the "out of the strong" saying when I was at school, but had forgotten all about it - will have to show that to the children - I've just bought a new tin ? Jar? Not sure what you call it, but Lyle's container of Golden syrup, so will have to point it out when we're making our flapjacks next (the reason for the purchase, although I could put it on almost anything, I adore golden syrup!)


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