Wednesday, 2 December 2009

where did you get that hat?

I had the pleasure of spending time with some of my favourite people last night, when we went to a Vintage Shop for some out of hours shopping! Hats, gloves, dresses, stockings, jewellery, bags, tiaras, bodices, hand mirrors, gloves, coats, in fact everything! We drank champagne, tried on hats and dresses that could of only belonged to Margo from the Good Life, ate cupcakes, tried on more beautiful dresses, and looked like Gangsters molls! Despite not being able to squeeze into some of the older clothes {oh my were they really that tiny years ago?} it was very funny to see the others trying things on ~ yes I'm talking about you Sam, in an 80's wedding dress and you too Christina, it was way too revealing for the school run!


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