Monday, 28 December 2009

tools of the trade...

Lots of his little friends were having computers for Christmas, we bought him a tool set. He spent Christmas Day, with Granddad, cutting up bits of wood and cardboard boxes with his saw. He is now building a wood store with daddy! Sometimes I worry that our more traditional approach, won't help him to fit in with his peers, do they think we're a really geeky family?


  1. most parents wouldn't let their little darlings loose with implements!
    it amazes me how many kids don't even paint/stick/glue let alone whittle or carve :
    some of my friends' boys used to make bows and arrows and owned small knives to fashion wood gathered in the nearby nature reserve :
    well done Bradshaws for bringing some good old fashion craft back into view ^_*

  2. You are giving him a gift. And as for society? Who cares? I forget- do you homeschool? If so- just balance in other things right? If they go traditional school- soon the other kids will be jealous of yr cool family! TOOLS rock! Happy Hols! xoxo

  3. Thank you both ~ do you know I had completely overlooked the fact that many people will think we are crazy, giving such dangerous presents ~ when I think computers are dangerous!

  4. Wonderful! If only everyone were a little more traditional!

  5. danger-schmanger ^_*
    it's giving them some life skills and they'll learn to use those tools with respect and care :
    *unlike my 14 yr old daughter who spent yesterday with a hangover after mixing drinks at our friends 50th party ~ her and the aforementioned boys!*

  6. Hi,
    My eco warrior is now 21 a beautiful free spirited man. He works the ski season in Austria for 5 months using up all that free energy he creates on his snowboard, He then returns with money in his pocket and helps us out with our 2 businesses one proud mum job done. Princess America on the other hand a little bit more tricky!!!
    Well done keep up the good work.
    Take care Susanxx

  7. i think the fact you didn;t get him a computer is awesome -- our 5 year old wanted a DS like his friends -- santa didn't bring one


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