Tuesday, 8 December 2009

moving on up...

moving on up yeah {she says singing along to this!}. It's time to say goodbye to my wonderful Nikon D40x and trade up. For the past two years I have loved the D40x, it has served me well, but taking on more and more commissions it is becoming clear I need a little more from my camera and I am not sure which my next model will be. I have been looking at a Nikon D90 this weekend, a lovely camera, not too big, but have also been reading about the D300s, which would be quite an investment indeed as these don't come cheap! I am sure it will be a Nikon, but I could really do with road testing one! I mean you wouldn't buy a car without driving it first would you? Have you any experience of either of these models?


  1. I bought my husband a D90 last christmas and we love it. He has studied photography and takes very nice pictures. I snap away like mad and it makes even my efforts look ok. I think it is fantastic value for money, very portable and excellent results. My friend sells his pictures and has the D3000, again, in my opinion Nikons are the best and he loves the results he gets, it is very heavy though, I couldn't carry that around.
    I use the D90 for my blog if you fancy a peak x

  2. lurker coming out to say, i got the D300s for my birthday in september, (my previous camera was a D40) and i really LOVE her. the way she captures light...stunning. i felt like getting her would keep me happy for a couple years, i thought with the D90 i'd be pining for a new camera again in no time.

  3. I also have a d40 and I need to trade up. D90 it will be most likely for monetary reasons although I have to say really I want the D700. Lol.

  4. Hi, I have used a canon for five years, but made the jump to Nikon D300s, it is amazing to use, granted I am still reading the manual and getting to grips with it, but so far it has not let me down...It's a great investment. I spoke to 30 people mainly pro's about this as I was a little nervous spending our hard earned savings.


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