Monday, 14 December 2009

I had resisted up until now...

you probably already know my opinion about children's clubs, and that up until now I had resisted the numerous clubs that my eldest could join. You see, he still comes home from school tired and to be frank, I don't really believe in driving children all over the place, like parcels to be collected or delivered! We had dabbled in a little Sunday morning rugby, but he never really took to it and it did start to mean driving some 50 mile round trip just for a 30 minute game.

Mind you, he is six already and when most Olympic athletes are asked when they started playing their particular sport they usually say four! (Have I preventing him from being an Olympic athlete already?)

So when the other boys in his class at school started playing football, it was only fair that he joined in too and he was desperate to be allowed despite being the youngest in his year. Phew luckily he was allowed to join in with training and was given a number 11 shirt, the shirt is folded neatly with his new shorts and socks on the chair next to his bed. He loves it, I mean really loves it, he would wear his kit 24 hours a day if he could! He has played in a few matches already ~ that's his victory celebrations above, which he has mastered quite well! The coaches are just great with them, really encouraging and supportive but always there when there are knocks. This is his team and he belongs and it is just wonderful to see how much enjoyment he gets from it!


  1. aww how sweet! the first sense of reallt belonging to something to special must be a wonderful thing

  2. Ah, how lovely. I'm right with you on the not doing after school clubs. It makes me want to cry when I see some of my son's classmates shlepped off every night to this that and the other, only to come to school the next morning with dark circles under their eyes. In the summer we head to the park after school every dry afternoon, which is all the after school activity we need. This term though, he has started a football club as well, but it's a turn up and pay each week affair, so on the weeks where he's tired we just don't bother (quite a few recently!) Next term we are also adding Beavers to the schedule, which I have my doubts about (being another after school thing - the actitivy itself I think sounds great)My husband and Dad both did it as boys and are both really keen that my son experience it, so we shall see...


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