Wednesday, 9 December 2009

advent spiral

Advent spiral, originally uploaded by whitt.

shhhhh, its advent spiral time. Each child quietly and carefully carries their candle and places it on the spiral, then returns. As each child takes a turn they get nearer the middle where a candle sits. They do this in silence, apart from a lyre playing in the background. It is a beautiful celebration and one of my favourite Steiner traditions.


  1. Gorgeous Picture,and it sounds like such a beautiful celebration. I've been meaning to write and thank you - after reading your posts about your Steiner group I looked into finding one near me, and have just joined it - I absolutely adore it and it's fast becoming the highlight of our week. I'm seriously considering whether to send our daughter to the school when she is old enough, but in any event, am so grateful that we've discovered this group and the lovely people in it now, and am particularly grateful to you for having inspired me in the first place x

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I most love it because in this world of 'careful' the kids are trusted absolutely.

    LOVE it!

    (This inspired me - maybe we should make a labyrinth in Jan!)

  3. what story do you use?

  4. hi lisa, just a lyre playing softly in the background ;0)

  5. I love this too! I spent a year at a Camphill in Wakefield, England and the advent wheel was so special! Thanks for posting this!


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