Sunday, 29 November 2009

wet and windy weekends...

pet shop photograph by me

this wet and windy weekend has seen us...
  • playing shops ~ this week our pet shop has been open!
  • getting the Christmas box down from the attic, with the advent calendars in ready for Tuesday!
  • visiting our nearest Steiner school Christmas Fair, buying lots crafting supplies and trips through the 'crystal cave' where the children put on goggles, a head torch, hardhat and armed with a pick axe, journey into a darkened room/cave, where there are crystals buried in the walls (I think it may of been plaster of Paris that the walls were made of), for the children to dig out! We went through many, many times! I don't know what the gnomes will say when they find all the crystals have gone!
  • playing lots of board games ~ snakes and ladders and ludo
  • writing lists for Christmas, card lists, present lists, shopping lists, menu's and a horrible housework list!


  1. What a fab idea! Loving the cave!

  2. sounds like great ways to make the best of a beastly weekend weather-wise (aside from the housework, of course). Ours was chocka full of birthday celebrations, which was fun but oh so exhausting.


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