Tuesday, 3 November 2009

pinch me ~ was it a dream...?

in the chair by me

do you remember, a few weeks ago I shared with you my trip to London, to be photographed for a Christmas feature in Red magazine? Well as promised here is the second half of the story...

I walked in and met the lovely team from Red magazine, not at all "Ab Fab" but gorgeous down to earth people. They had selected a range of clothes that were hanging on a rail for us to choose from. Goodness, I thumbed through, found some lovely things, but I was of course choosing the type of thing I usually wear. I asked Lucy, the fashion assistant, what she thought, I mean, I am hardly going to do this again, so I may as well take advice and go for something a little more different, don't you think? She handed me some skinny jeans (moi? - I tried to disguise my shock, so as not to appear like the untrendy mid 30's mum that I actually am!), but surprisingly they were amazingly flattering and made my legs look long and not really like my legs at all! Although then she gave me the highest pair of heels I have ever seen, could I walk in them? No, I sort of just tottered! I confessed I never wore heels, I had to, I was standing swaying as if I was a six year old dressing up in her mums shoes! She teamed up the jeans with a couple of vests and a sequined jacket, which I hope look more rock chick than bingo caller!

I then had hair and make up done, again I put myself in their hands, and they curled my short hair, painted my finger nails black and gave me smoky eyes! There were two other gorgeous ladies, taking part in the feature and they took individual shots and then a group shot of us together, what with trying to smile and trying to stand up in the outrageously high heels, I forgot to breathe in! All too quickly it was over and my Cinderella moment came to an end, it seems like a dream now. I wish I hadn't been so embarrassed to get my camera out (what with a professional photographer there, I felt a bit nerdy!), but not to worry, in just a few weeks the Christmas edition of Red will be in the shops, aaaahhhhhh ~ I have butterflies just thinking about it...


  1. I can't wait to see it! x

  2. what a fantastic experience :) will be looking out for the issue!

  3. Wow, how cool. Can't wait to buy it.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. Hi Emma
    I've just discovered your blog, and I'm now wondering whether I can read the whole thing in one sitting! A great blog - I share your love of the outdoors and camping and photography, etc etc so there is plenty here for me to enjoy. :-)
    What an experience you've had for the Red magazine article - ooh I'd love to be made up and dressed up just for every day living....
    woop! I've just seen a tag for VW Campervan in your sidebar list - I'm off! Back soon!
    Denise x

  5. what a cool experience!! i can't wait to see the article : ) and i totally get why you kept your camera in your bag...usually i'm taking photos here there and everywhere but then i can have a shy moment in front of others.

    did you keep your hair and make-up look for the school run?! bet you looked fabulous. Xx

  6. I saw you in the magazine when in WHSmiths in Waterloo Station on my way to work this morning. You look fab!

  7. Oh my! Is it out already? Thanks Jo, kind words are really appreciated, I am extremely nervous! emma x

  8. this is so exciting emma. can't wait to see the 'magazine' you

  9. WHOOP!! I'm off to get my copy tonight!! Oh I am so excited to see your face - congratulations!!!


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