Monday, 9 November 2009

gunpowder, treason and plot...

sparkler by me

We celebrated Guy Fawkes Day with a bonfire, fireworks and food with friends. We found a rather nice menu in the free Waitrose 'Seasons' booklet, the soup is delicious, we made ours with butternut squash.

Bonfire Night Menu

Pumpkin soup with tortilla chips
'Hog Roast' rolls with bramley apple sauce
Chocolate fudge fondue
Caramel popcorn
all washed down with some mulled cider and warm apple juice!

I did have a brainwave of popping the corn over the bonfire in tin foil parcels on the end of sticks, but I forgot to put any oil in and ended up burning it ~ whoops!

1 comment:

  1. Shame about the popcorn, that's a great idea I'll have to try it next time we have a fire. I bought some multi coloured popcorn from Rick Stein's deli in Padstow and I was so excited as I thought when it popped it would be different colours. Hmm it was not to be - just the regular popcorn colour. Oh well.


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