Sunday, 15 November 2009

always at this time of year...

...especially when it gets cold, I start thinking about next years holidays, firstly as we have already started planning next year at work and if you don't remember to keep a few weeks clear, they quickly get filled up. And my youngest starts school in September, which is a momentous thing indeed, and one that needs building up to and using up every last minute I have left with him before he starts!

but where to go? We have had some wonderful holidays over the last few years from a feather down farm, to a railways carriage called Wendy. Two breaks in VW campers called Betty and Prudence, a tipi and the most gorgeous pink Welsh cottage. Plus some amazing camping trips. But for next year I am not sure where to go, we love Cornwall, should we go back again? If so where? We have been most places and it is all so expensive nowadays. Should we go further afield to the Lake District or Scotland or even abroad {note to self: will need to buy three passports!} I love looking at the Scandinavian countries and the lovely wooden summer houses by the sea. We love quirky holidays, something in a beautiful property or place, somewhere unique or by the sea, we loathe holiday cottages that all look like an ikea showroom inside, especially when they are so old and beautiful on the outside. Any ideas gratefully received...


  1. I can recommend Danish summer houses in North Zealand but don't come too early in the year.Great beaches and really family friendly. They are close enough to Copenhagen to enjoy a few days in the city - lots of cool things to do. We booked from here

  2. You don't need a passport for Ireland :) So much stunning scenery. I love Dingle on the west coast, but also spent a fabulous week in Portaferry on Strangford Lough in the North one summer. Sorry no camping tips for Ireland yet but we too have just started planning our first trips, so maybe next year. I booked my June holiday off today with some strange looks from my boss.
    Or Wales - Anywhere in Pembrokeshire is stunning. We stayed in a campsite called "Brongwyn" near Cardigan some years ago, it was out of season but I think I remember it being quite chilled out. Tenby & Saundersfoot are great but you have to be careful to avoid all the really commercial sites. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  3. There is a fantastic place on the west coast of Scotland called Ach-na-Skia croft - check out their site. Also a campsite nearby. My little ones love it and there is freedom for them to roam and some great beaches and wildlife. You can visit Skye, Rum, Eigg and Muck islands from there too.
    We also found a beautiful place just north of Stockholm called Vaxholm, where you can get those little cabins - Skansen open air museum, in Stockholm itself, is also just amazing!

  4. Have to agree about Dingle in Ireland and the west coast of Scotland. We went to France this year through a website called Tots to France - absolutely brilliant - they do other countries too.

  5. I've been following your blog from Stockholm! Check out my blog (not as professional as yours!) and look at the photos of the summer (Dalarna, Smaland, and the copious berry picking, etc!). I'm from England originally (near Brighton), 3 young (ish) kids, - love to do a house swap!!!! We are 20 minutes drive from Stockholm, and 20 mins from the beach/archipelaego, plus 5 mins from a beautiful forest nature reserve, and 5 mins walk from 2 different swimmable lakes ! Sasha


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