Friday, 16 October 2009

this weekend...

we will be riding our bikes,
going for an autumn walk,
reading stories,
making autumn garlands,
cooking beef stew and dumplings
& writing letters to friends,
how about you...?


  1. I will be finishing my patchwork gingerbread man, adventuring to the beach, collecting some sea glass, and building several train sets for the boys. Your weekend sounds lovely.

  2. I will hopefully tackle some laundry. Take a nap. Watch some football on a lovely Sunday afternoon. Eat food and feel guilty about it. Cut out paper dolls and fantasize about what my laundry room will look like with frames and frames of paper dolls. Then laugh at myself because it likely never will!

    Enjoy your weekend Emma, you so very deserve to.

  3. already have ....
    made soup **
    plan to ... take a walk in the woods, finish off my credit-crunch-christmas-crochet bags & take photos at dusk
    happy busy-bee weekending

  4. Have a lovely weekend - (I'll be working but that's OK, cos I'll have days off later)

  5. irish stew and champ for us : )
    a big clearout of the junk room was started saturday and a little bit more tidying must be done today...but rewards of a walk and some stitching by the fire will be a big part of sunday too!
    hope you're enjoying your weekend...your plans sound wonderful. Xx

  6. writing letters ,sounds wonderful

    our weekend , getting ready to go to Whistable


  7. What a lovely sounding weekend-hope all went to plan Em. Would love to see a pic of the Autumn garlands.
    ..went for a walk in the arboretum before the crowds descended.
    ...ate pumpkin and sage soup in front of a roaring pub fire.
    ...played cars!
    ...cooked homegrown beetroot from the allotment.
    ...ironed, washed and swept!
    ...sorted out a huge pile of lovely photos.
    ..reflected on how different next weekend is going to be when baby number 2 arrives!


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