Wednesday, 14 October 2009

a new pinny...

me - cleaning - you saw it here first!

After a weekend feeling sorry for myself, thank you for all your kind words, a parcel in the post has done wonders to cheer me up. A treat from etsy no less, and yes it is a dotty angel apron, called Cybil! A slightly indulgent purchase as I have a few aprons already, but I loved this one when I saw Tif modeling it, and it came with magical powers ~ the power to make me clean!

I even tried to encourage Pete to take a photo of me {above} - 'dotty' style, but with fading light as he was home late and my instruction to "cut off my head", it was all a bit much, so apologies for the above pic, which was one that he accidentally took as I was clearing away! It doesn't quite show the apron off as well as I had hoped {but you do get a good shot of my favourite boots!}, so with my new found love of housework, I'm off to dust ~ thanks Tif!


  1. I think the photo is positively magical and story-book-esque (like a glimpse of Mrs. Tiggywinkle's cottage). I think I need a magic apron to inspire a bit more cleaning energy (though sometimes I feel that's ALL I do)...and good luck/congratulations on the scaling back on's such a difficult balance sometimes.

  2. This one picture says it all....

    Why do I take the time to put up so many. I need to simplify like you.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Those Etsy purchases can just change the whole day around can't they!

  4. ohhhh, i went right to the boots. they are awesomeness incarnate. makes up for anything wrong with the photo (although that's nice, too.)
    nice to meet you, by the way. best wishes!


    And what does "put up" mean?

  6. hmm, so need to do some cleaning around here. Perhaps a new apron might give me the inspiration! It certainly is lovely, as are those boots. Might just spend a bit more time at etsy and forget the cleaning til tomorrow instead!

  7. oooh! lovely pinny em. i could do with one that makes ME want to clean!

    hope you are feeling better now and i can see you again soon

  8. love this picture emma, so happy that cybil has found her forever home with you...
    and delighted she has inspired you to clean, perhaps that is where i am going wrong, i need a cybil for myself :)

    Tif x

  9. I just hopped over here from tiny happy as I mixed up my comment with yours. You have a Dottie Angel pinny! I've been drooling over them and the 'Olive' one was still there last time I looked. It has dandelions on it. I am a little in love with it. You lucky lucky thing. It's a gorgeous photo too.

  10. oh Emma , it looks wonderful,love the work from tiff


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