Tuesday, 27 October 2009

the nature of play...

I love watching children play, how they make friends with other children instantly. The difference between girls and boys and the roles they assume. Over the weekend these four got on famously, especially when they went outside to play. Without toys and constant entertainment from TV and computer games children have to make their own entertainment, find things, discover places and climb. The two little ones ended up with wellies filled with water, whilst the older ones were happy throwing stones into the lake, simple as that. They could have just been in the same spot for ages, laughing at the splash of the stones and the squelch of water filled wellies! I will never understand why people lavish such expensive toys on children, only to watch them squabbled over or break, when outside there is a whole world of free entertainment?


  1. I totally agree with your comments on the benefits of free entertainment but it is also fair to say that many parents can't (for social, psychological or financial reasons) provide a safe outdoor environment for younger children. A toy might seem extravagant and unnecessary to the outsider, but to the family concerned the cost is often trivial when compared to the financial costs of moving to a safe environment (this assumes that the parents even have the knowledge and skills to make such large lifestyle changes).

  2. Oh to be a child again.

    Building forts out of branches magically transformed into gleaming marble balustrades and balconies.....

  3. Hi there Tom, thank you for your comment, yes you are so right, I was brought up in a city and had no access to the countryside, although I was taken to many parks and places by bus and did lots of reading instead! I must remember my own upbringing more sometimes! Emma ;0)

  4. Well I discovered my two children and their friend playing happily in the house for over an hour with.....a length of wool with a plastic bag tied on the end. Our stairs go round two corners so as you look over the top rail you see right down to the hall below and they were lifting and lowering a variety of objects up and down the stairs while their toys sat unused in the bedrooms!!!


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