Monday, 19 October 2009

a good post day...

well after a huge delay, due to the postal strikes at the moment, I finally received my wonderful postcard from the very talented Jill Wignall. Her Today, I Saw daily drawing project is fab, everyday she draws a little something on a postcard and sends it to a lucky recipient. I love how little daily observations inspire Jill and more so that she shares them by posting them across the world!

The boys and I always notice little things in life, spiders webs with dew on them, the direction the clouds are blowing and the homeless man, being ignored as he sits in a doorway. Jill's project has inspired me to join in, maybe not on postcards and setting up another blog, but I have ordered myself a new moleskine sketchbook and a special stamp, that I have been admiring for ages on etsy (and now have a reason to buy it), so that we too can draw our daily observations.

Thank you Jill for inspiring us, we love your project and can't wait to get started!

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