Sunday, 4 October 2009

conkers anyone?

photo by me

'tis conker season and we had our first family championship here today. Have you ever played? apparently the national championships are next week, but I don't think we will be entering! Good garden fun though - especially finding and choosing the biggest and the best conker in the first place.

I found some rules of play, for those of you who take games seriously...

Two players, each with a conker threaded on a piece of string or a shoelace, take it in turns to hit each other's conker, until there is one conker left.

The first player holds out their conker at arm's length, hanging down, ready to be hit. The string should be wrapped around his or her hand to stop it being dropped.

The second player then wraps the string of his or her conker around her hand, draws it back and takes an aim. They must hold the conker still as the other player hits it. If it accidentally swings, the second player can steady it before they take a strike.

He or she lets go of the conker as they swing their arm in an arc and tries to hit the other person's conker.

The first player then has a go at hitting the other player's conker and they take it in turns.

NOTE: If the player deliberately moves his or her conker while waiting for it be hit, the other player is allowed another go!

*Conker scoring

If a conker has never been used before and succeeds in breaking another unused conker, it scores one and becomes a 'one-er'.If, in the next game it breaks another new conker, it becomes a 'two-er' and so on.

But, if this two-er loses a game and is broken, its score is added to the other person's conker. So if they used a new conker on a two-er, it becomes a three-er and so on.

If the conker that broke it had already broken others, then the scores of BOTH conkers are added together and added to the winner. So if you used a three-er on a two-er, then the score awarded to the winning conker will be five.


  1. we love conkers! I just wrote a guest post on conkers for someone this weekend! LOVE it! xoxoxo

  2. I was just explaining this to my American husband - he didn't get it at all :)
    But I"m glad to see it still happens.

  3. I love conkers. My friend, Jo Blaker, went to the World Conker Championships last year to sell lovely printed bags and tshirts which said 'Bonkers about Conkers' on them. When she got back she gave a talk and slide show at a club I was running called The Winter Entertainments Club and everyone had a giant conker contest. It was brilliant!

  4. Love this blog nearly as much as I love conkers. Remember soaking them in vinegar and placing them in the airing cupboard for weeks at a time as a kid. Ace. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi, I have enjoyed reading through your blog this morning, you have a talent for allowing people to relate to your writing. I feel almost as though I can find refuge on your page - like an internet mother. Thank you.

  6. love it! - also loving the headdress on your header... did you make it from the book? i love them, wish i could wear one daily!


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