Thursday, 1 October 2009

35 things...

I am still dreaming of Paris {number 16}

each year on my birthday I try to put together a list of things I can realistically achieve during the year, some big but most small little things. This year, as I am 35, there is a list of 35 things to do before I turn 36 years old, last year it was 34! They are the little things that we often think and dream about, but somehow writing it all down makes me more focused to achieve it...
  1. learn to crochet after falling in love with this (I just can't get the hang of crochet at all!)
  2. enjoy the magic of Giffords Circus as it tours the Cotswoldsü
  3. buy flowers at London's famous Columbia Road flower market
  4. and afterwards visit the Albion Caff for lunch
  5. make a scarecrow as good as this one ü
  6. finally get round to installing a woodburning stove ü
  7. paint a large canvas to hang in the lounge
  8. make dandelion sorbet ü
  9. practice yoga at least twice a week
  10. have pancake races on shrove tuesday ü
  11. make and fly a kite
  12. illustrate an adventure whilst walking using a storyboard book
  13. stay at the new scarlet hotel & spa and enjoy a hot tub on the cliff top!
  14. find an art deco vintage leather club chair - (I have been looking for five years now for one I can afford!) ü
  15. camp in our bell tent as much as possibleü
  16. travel to Paris on the train from St.Pancras (still on my list from last year!)
  17. listen more
  18. eat more local and seasonal produceü
  19. teach Alfie to play scrabble
  20. learn to identify some of the stars/constellations
  21. throw a party to celebrate Chinese year of the tiger {14th February 2010} as we are both tigers! ü
  22. find a small roll top bath that will fit into our tiny bathroom!
  23. carry on campaigning for suitable land for an allotment site in our village
  24. read more!ü
  25. come out as a photographer and accept commissions! ü
  26. have a vintage clothes party with the girlies ü
  27. go for a night walk and hoot at owlsü
  28. get rid of anything that isn't beautiful, useful or enjoyable
  29. watch a meteor showerü
  30. go fishing with the boysü
  31. sort out my photos, deleting, editing, storing and backing up ~ there are thousands!
  32. be a guerilla artist for a day!
  33. make fortune cookies ü
and this is where I have got to at the moment! as it was only my birthday a few days ago and 35 is a lot of things to think about I am going to have to keep coming back as I think of more!


  1. oh, i can *definitely* help you out with no's 3, 4 & 16! that's a great list Em


  2. what a great list so far...
    and i'm impressed with how many you ticked off 34! :)
    happy belated birthday

  3. So sorry I missed your birthday! Hope it was a good one. I'm so with you on the crochet - people keep telling me it's EASY but I just can't do it! I hope you get to cross off lots of your list this year. xx

  4. cool list, will keep you busy for a year

  5. I really enjoy the list idea. I often make lists of ways to better myself but never set a deadline. I don't work well without deadlines. My birthday is the perfect deadline. You are inspiring. =)

  6. what a gorgeous idea
    crochet is good ~ I was inspired to take up my hook by lucy at
    her patterns come with photo instructions

  7. Have been very inspired by your lists and am creating my own for my birthday next week, would love to link to your blog if I may.
    happy birthday

  8. Of course you can KT, good luck with your list and have a very happy birthday, emma x

  9. Great list so far! Happy belated birthday :o)


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