Tuesday, 29 September 2009

when darkness falls...

picture of us by Jenny Ross

When night falls on a campsite, the fun begins, children get very excited as they so rarely play out in the dark! This is why I love camping in spring and autumn as the night falls earlier, as in the summer children have to stay up very late to see the sun set! Children become very wide eyed at night, running and hiding between the tents like little animals.

We took some sky lanterns with us on our camp, pictured above, and watched them float off into the sky, it was so enchanting as the sky was so clear and full of stars without any light pollution, like we have at home. Our friends had the forethought to buy some glow sticks for the children, so we could see them in the dark! Quite handy really, when trying to tell them apart! We also found some little packets of magic dust in the camp shop, which when thrown into the flames turned them blue ~ ideal for stories of magic, if our children were capable of sitting still for more than two minutes!

The best thing about camping is a real campfire, if you are fortunate to be at a campsite which allows them, I love campfires don't you? My favourite part of the evening was toasting the homemade marshmallows which I finally got round to making, using beetroot for the colouring, from this River Cottage recipe. Although not having a mixer, beating everything by hand was quite hard work! They tasted the same as shop bought ones although they did smell of beetroot...!

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so pleased. It looks great! A seasonal blog set in Britain. Perfect! I'll look forward to looking through your old posts. Best Wishes, Jill


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