Sunday, 13 September 2009

this has got to stop...

another weekend, another cooked breakfast! This week I was interviewed for a Christmas feature in Red Magazine about health at Christmas. I am going to be one of their case studies as someone who usually gets ill at Christmas, in fact I am always ill between Christmas and New Year to be exact. Every year the same, I pick up something and puts a dampener on the festivities. As I answered the journalist, Andrea Child's questions, I was forced to admit my guilty secrets...

I do no exercise (I class running around after the boys and walking as exercise), I eat most of the chocolate that is given to the boys to prevent them from eating badly (you should see how much they are given at Christmas and Easter!) and I don't eat breakfast, except at the weekend when it is cooked and usually eaten at lunch time! It got worse, sometimes I eat with the boys for an early tea then eat AGAIN later with my husband at 9pm at night. This is without my biscuit weakness - why have just one? There are going to be two experts that offer me advice, nutritionist Jane Clark and a fitness expert {I am hoping they will provide the kick up the rear I need}. I felt quite guilty, confessing all to a voice at the end of the phone and I knew how awful it would look in print as I do know what I need to do, I just lack the motivation and will power to do it! It is the same every year due to the stresses of balancing work and home life in the run up to Christmas. It's not that I find Christmas particularly stressful, it's just that there is so much to think about, such as making cards, wrapping paper, nativity plays, Christmas parties, presents, making mince pies... Andrea asked "do you think you could buy all the stuff you make?", yep I sure could, but then that's not really me is it?... there is really no hope!!!!


  1. I look forward to reading that!
    If I bought everything instead of making it at Christmas I'd lose the will to live! I wait all year round for advent activities, hehe, some people don't quite get it do they?
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with for the seasons round exchange. I just packed up the parcel for my partner this evening.

  2. Hi just found you - Don't ask me how, I seem to go all around the world when blog hopping!! Loving the look of your blog - just off to read more. xx

  3. Hi
    Not related to this entry although the cooked breakfast made my mouth water!

    Have you seen this in today's Guardian?

  4. ...And Jane Brocket's beautiful post yesterday? Your eating habits sound just like mine ...oh dear.
    The photo arrived and is gorgeous, didn't not send my thanks last week, as you had more important things to think about. Hope all is well x

  5. I am thinking of Christmas too. No, it would be no fun to buy everything. I agree. I've been reading your blog for awhile, thought I'd say hi. You've had me crooning for a bell tent for a long time now.


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