Wednesday, 30 September 2009

seasons round exchange : autumn

I have just received my exchange parcel for the seasons round exchange from the lovely Ella Pedersen. Ella's was one of the first blogs that I discovered a few years ago, when I was new to the world of blogging and she is someone who continues to inspire me. She is a beautiful mother, photographer and artist, creating beautiful dolls and crowns, one of which I bought a few years ago, from her etsy shop and it has become a treasured item in our home.

I was delighted when Kyrie, the brains behind the exchange, paired me up with Ella, and even more delighted when the little parcels arrived containing not only some little felted acorns (that I have been admiring and secretly hoping a few might find their way here) but one of Ella's crowns too! Wonderful and so generous... now the boys have one each! She also sent a gorgeous onion dyed play silk, which is just a lovely colour (note to self - I must try this) and a lovely leafy mother earth with flowing red hair.

We sent a needle felted brown bear and mini picnic rug, a feather, a seed gathering activity, some autumn picnic photographs and some hot chocolate - which represents what we like to do in autumn, go on lots of picnics, gather seeds and drink hot chocolate! I was also mindful of what would travel well in the post all the way to Canada!

Thank you Ella for your lovely gifts and thank you Kyrie for organising the seasons round exchange. If you want to take part in the next seasons round exchange: winter, then sign ups begin tomorrow, here.


  1. Dear emmabradshaw

    I too read ellas blog and am also based here in the uk, I thought I was the only one! So today is the first time reading yours. I don't have a computer at the moment so this is all being done by the super high tech phone which I loath can't wait to get back to normal and read your pages.

    Anyhow I was reading your camping list, we also have the bell tent, sheep skins et all, what we have found helps is large VacPack bags (very plastic!) but you can suck the air out of those skins so they are the size of an envelope and they are great for pillows and winter coats too! You can use a foot pump when you are on your way home.

    I look forward to reading more over the coming months it all looks lovely
    regards catherine

  2. That looks so great, Ella makes such lovely products and the best packages :-)


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