Thursday, 10 September 2009

saying goodbye to summer...

 by lobster and swanAlbion Caff by read me...i forgot by simply photos l e e p y by clumsy bird219 // 365: More clouds by jesshibbpicnic 2 by marthasnailbff by simply photoboy and his dog by brown paper and string by little birdsafghan crazy! by makingchickensaladgarden poem by wood & wool stoolwool storage by wood & wool stoolpicked daisies from my garden by wood & wool stoolbazar style by wood & wool stooltiles & granny squares by wood & wool stoolexota 3 by wood & wool stoolkrukjes loes by wood & wool stooltea by wazzagyogurt pops by simply photo by Molly | Orangettetwenty pounds by birchmama. by unravelling [susannah]Sunny Summer Driving by buttonmoOongreen by kat heyes by buttonmoOonsummer by liivia ssummer by liivia sIMG_6471 by dayataglancequilts by tiny happyCovent Garden's Spring Renaissance by Steve Jguardian of the shed by fitzhughfellahome by liivia s

cheering myself up with a few of my flickr fav's. Feeling rubbish as I haven't picked my camera up for almost a week now!?*! Hoping that my groove returns soon before you all forget about me! Enjoying the sunny spell, before embracing autumn and all that it holds in store.


  1. We must be thinking just a like. I did my summer mosacic today as well. Already started thinking about the fall and total color mode change up... Time to think about sages, oranges, reds,...etc..

  2. lovely lovely bLog! im glad i found u! bonjour from the moutains of south france!

  3. Lovely photos.
    Take all the time you need - we will all be here to read about your adventures when you are ready :o)


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