Monday, 21 September 2009

a rather large kettle...

photo by me

I have been on the lookout for a large kettle for an age. Large enough to make everyone a cup of tea when we go camping. Large enough for a dormouse to sleep in, like in the tales of 'Alice in Wonderland'! {sorry wandered off there for a moment} I have been lusting after one since we stayed at a Feather Down Farm last year. Even better this one will go on an open fire, perfect...!

I found the kettle of my dreams {pictured above} at our nearby car boot sale and it cost an unbelievable £1! I am becoming quite addicted to car booting, thanks to my lovely friend Gina. I used to go years ago, but as you usually have to get up at the crack of dawn and I generally don't, then I haven't bothered for years. But through her and reading Julia's lovely blog here, I have mustered enough energy to get out of bed early on a Sunday morning a few times now! It is always worth it and last week along with this kettle I found a lovely picture frame, some more wooden letters and some old wooden school chairs, £3 for two! What amuses me most is the bartering and banter, and how at a car boot sale you really don't pay more than a few pounds for anything, I have walked away from so much thinking "£5 for that, you're having a laugh!" only to get home and see it in a trendy catalogue or something and regret my thriftiness!


  1. Fab kettle, was it from the usual car boot? I had to go with the children tagging along (not very enthusiastically) last Sunday which hinders the bargain hunting somewhat! Sounds like you've snapped up a few beauties along the way, maybe see you there soon!
    Julia x

  2. Great Kettle - We searched for months to find a good camping kettle finally gave in an ordered on online and suddelnly they are everywhere, isn't that just the way life goes sometimes.

    We went to our local car boot (no early mornong required does not even open till 10.30!) the other weekend with my in-laws, we only had £10 on us as we had not intended to buy anything but we saw loads of things we liked. I bought a cast iron frying pan for camping for £2. So we went back last Sunday only to find nothing that took our fancy. Not giving up though we'll be back.

  3. The church hall where we have the children's birthday parties has a huge shelf of this type of kettles in all sizes, lovely.
    But my reason for commenting is that I have been following your allotment plight and want to make sure you have seen Jane Brocket's allotment photos today, they are beautiful x

  4. Thank you 'The Antidote' Jane's blog is lovely,
    I have allotment envy!

  5. Great kettle - we have a similarly large one at our cabin & it seems like it's constantly on the go!

  6. i think i'm going to have to come visit you and do some car boot rummaging - love your finds em, they are great!

  7. She's a beauty!


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