Tuesday, 8 September 2009

the kindness of strangers...

so many cards and kind thoughts arrive on a daily basis through our door and on this blog, from some people we know but mainly people we don't. We take comfort from this, and that she lived a long life and in the end it was painless and quick, which is something many people are not afforded. She lived 78 years and had seen her son graduate, marry and have sons of his own, for which she was very proud. We feel the weight on our shoulders of arranging a funeral and choosing "what she would of wanted" sometimes this weight makes it hard to breathe. We are reminded of our own mortality, we do not have a Will, who would know what we want, do we know what we would want? How many years do we have left and how are we going to fill this precious time?

It is a time of great change for our little family, feelings of emptiness peppered with laughter as we find yet another writing set in her drawers - how many did she need? We pour over old photos processing all the memories that we subconsciously try to catalogue in our minds, fearing that we might forget them...

Where do people go to when they die?
Somewhere down below or in the sky?
'I can't be sure,' said Grandad, but it seems
They simply, set up home in our dreams.

Inside Our Dreams by Jeanne Willis


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! But what a beautiful poem...I'll have to remember that one.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, we know exactly how you feel, we went through the exact scenario last year. Likewise we were grateful that Ian's mum had a long and happy life, doesn't make losing someone any easier though.
    Keep strong, you're in our thoughts
    Julia xx

  3. Just wanted to say thinking of you.

    Also wanted to tell you, your post made me think of something I hadn't considered before: I'm an only child, very close to one of my parents and when they go I won't really have anyone to share the memories with. I'll have Hubby who will have known them for many, many years but no-one who would have known them for as long as me.

    Anyway, didn't want to hijack your post but to let you know that...well, sometimes blogs touch us in unexpected ways. xx

  4. So sorry to hear about your loss. Hugs. Lucy x


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